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GLL wanted to update their search dynamics to serve a better experience to their visitors to let them find facilities around where they live or the new ones to be discovered.

Since it was a web app, it was designed responsively and it was also considered that should be ready for further expansions (such as new areas and facilities) may be added in near future. In the end, we made it better!

Where to begin?

The initial question was "how we can create a continuous search function that would let users navigate easy and quick". Our start point was a global search with simple dropdowns. The target age group was for almost everyone so we didn't want to introduce something fancy.

A site user might be either a first-time visitor or someone already familiar with the site and just want to get to the point. So we left a little room for Categories to give them a quick run.


Then what?

In this sample journey, the user selects a specific area and then it takes them to the Area page. Area pages are basically microsites that are edited by each Area team and it has its own News, Promotions, Community bulletin and other Area specific events.

Below the focus area, we used the same search with a different visualisation: map and list view. So users can make a new search for another area or can focus on the current area by making micro searches on the map and also can see the list view on facilities in that specific area.


Contextual Search options

It was obvious that adding a new filter after every step (making a search in this instance) would be confusing. Users may start the search by selecting an area or facility. The solution was using the same style for filtering and updating the search field based on which section the user is on.


What about that map search thing?

Regardless of what page the user is on, they always have this search function. It still does the same job that global search does in a bit different style since we combined it with a map view. Plus, there is a list view that all the facilities with filtering options available.

Once a facility is selected that current view flips back to show details of the selected list item, it is a card style, basically.


It is all about choices

The following screen shows the journey in which the user selects a facility first and start the journey from there. It was another CMS controlled page so I designed a simple view for content that they already had in their current system; books!


Journey continues...

On the previous screen, the user makes a search for libraries and now the search gets narrowed; a library in a specific area. It is exactly the same result which was covered in the previous journey so we almost achieved to create a continuous journey:) 


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