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One of the biggest racing organization decided to create an internal dashboard which team admins and members be able to view the performance of their drivers before, during and after each race. I was assigned to work on this exciting project, that was a great chance to combine a nice UI with a solid UX input.



When I started on this dashboard project, I had limited resources such as Excel files and written documents with several restrictions. In other saying, I was supposed to create the most efficient data visualisation to give users every single details available before and during the race.

I worked on UX and UI, also with the client. I asked tons of questions, learnt how this should work and started on initial designs, even skipping wireframing!


 On initial screen, team member can see all drivers take a place in the next race (and also during the race). On the bottom, timeline shows which day the data for presented with a subtle comparison (ups and downs) for each driver. A team member only can see their own drivers which indicated with a label on top left. 

Other initial options are placed around focus area. These options are selector for Season, Race for that spesific season, List and Graph views for presented data, if available. And as a main navigation we have Leaderboard, My Drivers and Global View. My Drivers is an alternative option to access to spesific team drivers.


 Once a driver selected, this is the screen a team member will have. Since there is always two drivers per team, I placed them side by side to make the data available for comparison and easy follow up rather than creating an extra step. 

For each driver, team member a simple breakdown for Online and Social votes, details for country based votes and race results and points for actual race and social voting scores.


If a team member wants to see more detailed view for country breakdown fortheir drivers' votes, this is the screen they have. With a simple navigation (considering it may be a desktop or tablet) they can click / tap on the map between indicated (blinking dots) areas to see where does votes come from. 

The bigger circles get, the more votes it means, basically. So team member can see where they are doing a good job on social media and they can focus on wherever they would like to get more votes!



 Since we didn't have much chance to get existing assets, I recreated every single element by following styles from Formula E website. Then I added bits and pieces like background textures, gradients and small hover/tap states - essentials really. 

And the good thing is, every single thing we created as an asset was used on FanBoost website design as well. I ended up having a nice, tidy symbol library in Sketch. 

There is more on this project (a responsive website), just give me shout if you want to know more.

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