Hi, I’m Erman, a designer from London, UK.

I have been a designer for over 10 years and during that time I’ve worked with a wide range of clients and companies both in the UK, and internationally.

I care a lot about helping teams build great mobile and web based applications. With a background in web development I make sure that my design work goes beyond the aspirational; and delivers a realistic and practical direction that is both a deliverable and beautiful user experience. 

I care about the things developers don’t need to think about such as grid systems, typography and colour theory. Iconography is very important to me;  I’ve created more than 6000 icons for various web apps so far and continue to develop and evolve my skills.

I love the challenge of creating the perfect branding for a project or organisation. I get excited about the chance to creating a new logo or building a strong set of beautiful and unique brand guidelines. 

I’m very passionate about being a part of the full product lifecycle; taking ownership of the design aspects but also responding to the development team and working with them to create the best possible product. 

I love what I do.