Hi! I'm Erman.

UX and UI Designer, illustrator, gamer,
3D Printer and D&D player.


I'm a designer with over 9 years experience and I work for HSBC as a Lead UX Designer at the moment. 

“First, think like a user” is my motto and I like to solve challenging problems. 

I worked on various types of projects such as video on demand applications, email marketing dashboards, e-sports live interfaces, insurance packages, global financial products, and many more. All these learnings help me to create a better user experience on my next challenge.

Outside of work, I keep nurturing myself with creativity. I have a few 3D printers and learning how to use them and what you can create with them gives me a different perspective and makes me a more open-minded designer. I use recycled materials for my 3D creations and it's a humbling process.

I love what I do.