I am Erman Kutlu

UX and UI Designer, illustrator, gamer,
3D Printer and DnD player.

I am product designer from Brighton, UK. For over 10 years I’ve worked with a wide range of clients and companies from all around the world. HSBC is my current home.

“Think like a user” is my motto and I enjoy creating practical and meaningful designs out of complex data.

I like challenges so I’ve worked on many different projects such as video on demand apps, e-mail marketing web platforms, racing visuals, insurance packages, global finance products and I carry those experiences and learnings with me to the next project.

Outside of work, I still keep learning. I have few 3D printers and learning how to use them and what you can create with them gives me a different perspective and makes me more open-minded designer (and it’s a very humbling process!).

I love what I do.